Newton IB

Newton IB

Monday 12 December 2016

Thanks and Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of our 5th graders who completed the Exhibition this year! You took your projects above and beyond what we thought was possible. 

We would also like to thank our local community, including experts, parents and teachers who have been an integral part of this process. We have received significant and positive feedback and as always look to improve upon our process next year. 

Thanks to everyone who has made this amazing project possible for our students. 

Miss Kat Rymarz and the Newton College 5th grade team

3-way meetings

The final stage of our 5th grade students' presentations is where they had the opportunity to share their hard work from the year with their parents. These portfolio meetings brought the whole process to the perfect end. 

Final Presentations

During stage 2 of their final presentations, students presented their marketing pitches to their audience. There was barely a dry eye in the house!

Exhibition Day

Students presented all of their work to their parents. During part one, they shared their panels in the classroom and their webpages in our drop-in lab. 

Practice makes perfect!

Students spent time practicing their marketing pitches. They received feedback from both the drama teachers and their class tutors on their presentation skills and also the appearance of their presentations. 


Students prepared their panels for their final presentations. We themed the panels around the 3 components of an IB education - inquiry, action, reflection. 

Monday 5 December 2016

Field trips!

During the Exhibition, the students have been really fortunate to have been on many field trips. Here are some examples of the places they went and the things they learned. 

Field Trip - Flora & Fauna (Produsana) - Sankay

We went to Flora and Fauna (Produsana) and Mrs. Eileen Wong Commercial Manager was very kindly and friendly with us and explained us how Flora and Fauna works.

Flora and Fauna was founded this year 5 months ago and is a healthy and organic market thought out for people who wants a healthy option in life, they sell organic products, healthy products, beauty and they also have a cafeteria.

They try to manage their prices so all people can access to them. The most common problem with F&F products is the due date because they are fresh products without long lasting additives.

We learnt that an Organic Product must have certification. To obtain this certificate they must comply too many steps.  Another important thing is that from the seed to the harvest it shouldn’t have pesticides or fertilizers, only the organic ones. Here in Peru most of the products are Healthy but not organic.

– Sport is Life

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Para Aldo Cavero, sí existe el sexismo en los deportes en el Perú, pero solo en algunas personas que siguen pensando en los roles de género. Para él, las mujeres tienes las mismas capacidades que los hombres para los deportes.

Para Lalo Uribe el sexismo en los deportes sí existe y empieza por un tema de educación que debe enseñarse en el hogar, donde se debe enseñar que los deportes son para ambos géneros hombres y mujeres.

Para Leao Butron, el sexismo en los deportes sí existe. Él piensa que algunos deportes como el futbol femenino no se dan a conocer y no es reconocido porque no se hacen los esfuerzos de marketing y de publicidad para que esto suceda.

Visit to Raw Cafe - BBB

We went to Raw café to learn about and taste healthy food.
Things we learned:
I drank the Hulk juice made of vegetables and fruits and I saw that all the lunch was made of healthy food.(Eduardo N)
On Thursday we went to Raw Café, that is a restaurant that instead of making fast food they make Healthy food as quinoa hamburguers, spinach juice , etc. (Stefano)
On thursday we went to a place called raw cafe and we tasted their food, it had a weird tasty flavour. This restaurant gave us the idea to make the healthy burgers and put a really fair price. (Alessandro)